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JEL-tech offers fully managed cloud servers, optimized for PHP and MySQL applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Laravel.

Server Plans

PlanMemorySSD StorageBandwidthCost
Tall1 GB25 GB1 TB$8 / Month
Grande2 GB50 GB2 TB$15 / Month
Venti3 GB60 GB3 TB$20 / Month
Trenta4 GB80 GB4 TB$25 / Month
These are introductory prices! Buy now and lock in your subscription rate.

Each server is individually assigned to you and fully managed by JEL-tech. Isolate your high value clients on their own server. Security is our focus!

Hosting servers come with free SSL certificates, PHP, MySQL, fully automatic security updates, and more+

Do you need more memory for your site? Email us and we’ll be happy to explore bigger server options with the right amount of resources for your needs.